Avoid boiler or central heating failure in Street, glastonbury or across Somerset

It’s getting hotter – time to turn your central heating on!

No, really! One of the simplest ways to avoid problems with your central heating system when the inevitable cold weather returns is to fire it up once in a while over the summer months. We are often called out to boiler breakdowns or central heating failures that could be prevented. And much as we enjoy servicing boilers and heating systems in Street, Glastonbury and across Somerset, we would rather our clients avoided these problems!

The trick is just to get things moving, and about once a month is more than adequate. The pump and diverter valves that direct hot water around your heating system can seize up over the summer when they are not in use. Turning your heating on briefly, just long enough to get the radiators warm, will not affect the temperature of your home, but could prevent an unpleasant surprise come Autumn.

And if your boiler is on its last legs, or you’re planning a central heating upgrade, the summer months are the ideal time. You won’t be needing to heat your home and this work can be carried out quickly, with little impact on your home life. Equally, many plumbers are quieter over the summer months and will be able to fit the work in more easily.

If you would like any advice on keeping your central heating system healthy, or are planning a boiler replacement, why not get in touch. Our advice is free and we’d be happy to hear from you!